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Wing sweep mechanism

wing sweep mechanism

The limitation of the wide spacing, however, was that it reduced the benefits of variable geometry as much as it reduced their technical difficulties.
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The Tomcats wings could sweep from 20 to 68 degrees.There are two of these, one in each wing root.Designers attached the Tomcats wings so that the pivots were located at the most outboard position possible, at 8 feet, 11 inches from the fuselage centerline.Which makes installation and removal somewhat of a problem.It had a blended wing tailless design and he successfully tested several models including a six-foot scale model at speeds of up to Mach 2 in the 1950s but government backing was withdrawn.

They have hydraulic motors at the top and the bottom, and they drive the shafts that drive the wing sweep actuators.
This is enterprise promotional codes 2015 a problem if the wing sweep system fails, I've seen one B-1B landing with the wings full aft and it was a doozy, very very fast touching down (the pilot, not a test pilot, did an excellent job).
Navy strategists wanted an aircraft that could efficiently cruise at subsonic speed, maneuver well in high-subsonic dogfights, accelerate to above Mach 2, and yet remain stable during slow landings on an aircraft carrier.
It has only 36 percent of the F-14's payload/range capability.
It's not hollow all the way through, it has a solid bottom.IV was a tailless design whose lightly swept wings could vary their sweep through a small angle during flight.19.7k Views 177 Upvotes.This is great for being folded against the sides, but not so good at low speed.Citation needed Similar requirements in the Soviet Union also led TsAGI, the Soviet aerodynamics bureau, to explore the possibilities of variable geometry.One problem discovered while testing the Bell X-5 was that as the wing pivoted rearward, the lift vector also moved to the rear, pushing the nose down.TsAGI evolved two distinct designs, differing mainly in the distance (expressed as a percentage of total wingspan ) between the wing pivots.When you sweep the wing back, the inboard aft part of the wing has to go somewhere.Those gears turn shafts that spin the gearing in the wing sweep actuators.