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My main concern is to clean chimneys to help lessen the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and uncontrolled indoor fires.For Coal the chimney will need sweeping twice a season.Always Your Sweep, Many people think that a chimney sweep's job is only that..
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Operations Supervisor - Retail Supplier - Houston Click for More Texas PUC Directs REPs To Prioritize Service, Assistance To Hurricane Victims; Will Use Enforcement Discretion With Respect To Certain Other Requirements To Allow Such Focus The executive director of the Public Utility Commission.Click..
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Sweep activity definition

sweep activity definition

14 If you makea clean sweepof something such as a series of games or tournaments, you win them all.
As we swept down to the seam in the old iron lift we all grabbed each other's hands in simultaneous panic.
Darren Sadler, 25, from Cleveleys Lancs was killed when he was swept over the sea wall in Blackpool).
V n prep/adv 6 verb If you are swept somewhere, you are taken there very quickly.
The owner of the store was sweeping his pc world voucher codes dec 2014 floor when I walked.The package which is presented to your account contains a total sum that ranges from 1,000 to even 25,000 that is quiet sufficient and jeopardy contestant today with that this borrower can fulfil a myriad of wants and desires.0 0, a Cash Sweep is an automated process whereby all, or a portion, of the available cash is moved from an non-interest bearing account into an interest bearing account or an interest bearing instrument.His arm swept around the room.For less-than-perfect credit borrowers, the important thing factor inside the assessment could be the debt-to-income ratio, or the volume of income that's free to create repayments.Jessie was swept along by the angry crowd.4 group moves intransitive always adverb/preposition if a group of people or animals sweep somewhere, they quickly move there togethersweep through/along etc The crowd swept through the gates of the stadium.5 wind/waves etc intransitive, transitive always adverb/prepositionDN if winds.V prep/adv The Chief turned and swept out.Sweep across/through etc The line will sweep through a plane, and the circles will sweep through spheres.

V through/across.the wave of patriotism sweeping the country.
Strong waves swept the boy out into the surf.
Sweepsweep1 /swip/ W3 verb (past tense and past participle swept /swept 1 clean something transitiveDHC to clean the dust, dirt etc from the floor or ground, using a brush with a long handle, sYN brush Bert swept the path in front of the house.Sweep over/across/around etc the beam from the lighthouse sweeping across the sea14 sweep somebody off their feet 15 sweep/brush something under the carpet 16 hair transitive always adverb/preposition to pull your hair back from your facesweep something back/up Kerry swept her hair back into a ponytail.V n, she was in the kitchen sweeping crumbs into a dust pan.Sweep into/through etc The line will sweep through a plane, and the circles will sweep through spheres.V n prep/adv 3 verb, if someone with long hair sweeps their hair into a particular style, they put it into that style.stylish ways of sweeping your hair off your face.The flood exploded into the Santa Clara River, turned right, and swept through the valley toward the ocean.V prep/adv 8 verb If events, ideas, or beliefs sweep through a place, they spread quickly through.Any dust or dirt was simply swept through the cracks and fell on the livestock below.