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Power trick shuckle sweep

power trick shuckle sweep

Even with Power Trick, its speed sucks so you aren't going to be sweeping anytime soon.
Then shuckle can sweepstakes promotion ideas spam the rock slide/sludge wave/earthquake until other team dies.
Needless to say, I only actually use poison sting if you only have 1 or 2 pokemon left, and if I feel like rubbing your face.
Because shuckle is slowest pokemon in game (with like 5 base, 0 IVs in speed and 0 Evs, my shuckle has single digit speed shuckle will go last with power trick, thus ensuring that shuckle is not killed.
Indragon 3rd February 2011, 7:06 AM, no, it's not a good idea.I pair one of my dozen or so shuckles up with a trick room partner for double battles.If you're thinking about Trick Room as well, then that's even more impractical to set up and not worth attempting a sweep for a mere two turns.If he's against a special sweeper, he's basicly invincible.As mentioned a Follow Me support may let this work, but it's far too risky.Otherwise, you could baton pass a belly drum from a spore/belly drum/baton pass smeargle.Force Flex 6th March 2011, 2:19 AM, if you baton pass some agility over, it might work as a sweeper.Shuckle's only practical offensive use is a Toxic Staller.

If you feel threatened by priority moves, make a substitute before you do power trick.
Unlike a lot of sweeping/trick room strategies, this one only requires one turn of buildup, and unless they can outspeed and 1 hit your trick room s over.
Combine that with the fact that it's vulnerable to Caterpie Tackles from the physical side and all your setup's just useless.
M4zz 5th February 2011, 6:57.1: Power trick 2: Substitute 3: chimney sweep sherman oaks Earthquake/Rock slide/Sludge wave (Earthquake because.Your opponent will always switch to a Physical Sweeper to kill you.Power trick would probably be better in doubles where your other pokemon uses trick room and shuckle uses power trick.Kingflygon 28th February 2011, 4:52 AM i wouldnt use power trick shuckles slow and wont have a chance.o the opponet.Adamek 8th March 2011, 4:08.Zachmac 8th February 2011, 4:29 AM, how about a double battle with TR bronzong, which is immune to EQ?Gianttopper 3rd February 2011, 7:13 PM, that is less risky, but you still run the chance of losing your shuckle since your defenses would be like.You an use Shuckle with power trick, Earthquake, stone edge and gyro ball only in trick room team and only againts special sweeper because after power trick he food vouchers uk can be ohko by almost every psyhical atakck!