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Jet sweep playbook pdf

jet sweep playbook pdf

Gets your athletes out in space quickly.
The WR will threaten hash, numbers, and then sideline to cut upfield.
Makes the defense tackle in space. If you are getting man to man coverage you can have the X run the corner off.It is the QBs job to get pier one online coupon the timing and snap count down.For instance, when OSU faced Wisconsin's jet sweep, they automatically brought down the safety to the playside to shoot upfield in the alley and gain leverage at the snap, forcing the ball carrier back inside and into run support or gain depth to allow time.We love doing this because the defense doesnt even realize we are unbalanced, at least early.

MSU uses counter trey action this play (on the above blocking the playside TE and playside OT would actually double the DE to the backside backer - this is the "trey" block in "counter trey.
Conclusion, so out of this jet sweep package, MSU can quickly attack the edge.
In this post we are going to look at MSU's jet sweep package.Having the 4 stalk block the corner is asking a lot.So Michigan State uses the jet sweep as a way to get outside the defense.Here's the video: Jet Sweep - Run Play Action.As defenses start rolling the defense and bringing extra defenders to the play, they can get out-flanked on the back end with the counter look.Here are the reasons why I love jet sweep: It will allow our offense to attack the edge of the defense quickly with our RB receiving the ball while running full speed.(See also jet Wing T Playbook (See Also shotgun Wing T Playbook (Se Also rocket Sweep.The motion timing is the most challenging aspect because every player will differ in speed.Here's a video of Wisconsin running a jet sweep with an inside zone away from the jet sweep motion.