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Hollister employee discount at abercrombie

hollister employee discount at abercrombie

Something that seems true, and only true in Hollister and Abercrombie stores, is that they dont hire anyone who looks like they are bigger than a size five.
Employee Discount, including a description from the employer, and comments and ratings provided anonymously by current and former Hollister.
But we were never clear.Based on my personal experience, Id say that this is partially true, but it depends on certain california adventure discount tickets aaa circumstances.If there was a heavy rush during normal lunch hours, we simply would not be given a break that day.The one that blasts music so loud that you can hear it from the other end of the mall.Im not sure if they are still around today, but some of them were just thatrumorswhile others turned out to be either partially or completely true.I happened to be in a location that got the best of both worlds, as we both had the spritzers and were encouraged to go on spray-runs throughout the day, lest everyones nostrils not be assaulted with the odor within a five-store radius.I worked for the company for about a six-month period, over the years (when I was 18-19).Before we get down to the polo shirts and rampant shoplifting, I should clarify a few things about my employment with.This was extremely inconvenient because you had to call in just an hour before the start of your scheduled shift.We were frequently told that offering help was not our brand, and that people need to come to us if they want to find something or ask a question.

Showing a good amount of skin on women was openly encouraged, in a way that would have constituted sexual harassment in nearly any other work environment.
And while there was still a certain amount of caché to the Abercrombie brand at that time, and people like my shift manager who had a Masters degree chose to go there, they were still being paid near-minimum wage and had no access to health.
If you can get hired, Hollisters not a bad place to work.
Technically we were given breaks, but were always encouraged by our shift managers to stay as close to the store as possible and not take more than 15 minutes to eat our lunch.
Because of the terrible lighting in the stores, customers would often purchase things with stains, tears, or other signs of damage on them, only to bring them right back when they got out into a decent amount of lighting.We were all required to address every customer with Hey, hows it goin, despite that being a completely ridiculous and inappropriate thing to say to a customer, especially the little old ladies who came in looking for button-downs for their grandsons.At least at our location, the (already negligible) employee discount did not extend to Hollister or the (now defunct) Ruehl, despite all being part of the same company.The general understanding was that you went to upstate New York to some Terry Richardson-esque photo shoot for a week or so and then returned to your job folding sweaters.Its particularly true for girls; guys can get away with looking a little bigger as long as they are muscular.There is a high possibility that many things have changed since my departure, but given the nature of its CEOs statements over the past year, my instinct is that most things are the same (if not worse).But if youre going to work there, just be prepared to spend more money than you make.Once they got their stuff, though, they were all gone.