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Hf contest serial number

hf contest serial number

"Cut numbers" provide an alternative way of representing numbers using (mostly) shorter Morse sequences that are faster to sent.
The winner of each continent will be awarded with a diploma.
Popular commercial programs include.
Careful practice is called for if you are to avoid treading on your partner's toes!YO7:AG, DJ, GJ, MH, OT,.Note that some station equipment such as linear amplifiers may not support full break-in, so please check your manuals before operating QSK.The number of points scored for a QSO may depend on the location of the station contacted - for example in the CQ Worldwide DX contest stations on the same continent as yourself count 1 point each, stations on a different continent count 3 points.However since you can only work a station once on each band and mode, before you reply to the CQ, you need to know whether you have worked the station before, and unless you have a photographic memory a computer logging program is by far.In Morse code, all numbers consist of five dots and/or dashes, which takes a fairly long time to send.

What is a serial number?
Have a look at the expected propagation and draw up an operating schedule showing when you expect to operate on which bands, and where your beam newbalance com au promo code will be pointing.
The YO counties abbreviations by call areas are: YO2: AR, CS, HD, TM, yO3: BU,.
Exchange: RST (state/province/country) (naqcc./power) Work stations: Once per band QSO Points: 1 point per QSO with non-member 2 points per QSO with member Multipliers: Each state, province, or country once Key Type Mult: 2x if straight key,.5x if bug, 1x if other Score.This way has the big advantage that your rig can be switched back to receive immediately the last character has been sent, without any unnecessary delays.Non-Member: Name (state/province/country) Work stations: Once per band QSO Points: 1 point per QSO Multipliers: Each call once Score Calculation: Total score total QSO points x total mults Submit logs discount pet meds reviews by: 0400Z December 16, 2017 Post log summary at: m Mail logs to: (none) Find.YO8: BC, BT, IS, NT, SV,.A remotely operated station must obey all station license, operator license, and category limitations.Of course that depends on the rules for the particular contest, but generally you will find that both stations' callsigns are sent during the exchange.Bands and Modes, from 80m to 10m, except the warc bands, in the band segments corresponding to the selected mode (CW and SSB).YO DX HF contest 2017rules, for foreign competitors,.