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Contested territory bloons monkey city

contested territory bloons monkey city

The Spike Factory Farm strategy is useful for good income.
The point of leaving the Engineer with peeps contest st paul only a small portion of the beginning of the track available is so that hell always deploy the trap in roughly the same spot, and hell capture a lot of bloons before you have a chance to pop.
The engineer will deploy a trap on the track as soon as a bloon enters the trap range.
Many of these dont take into account that.It can make you good seed money to start either of the other two options, and its really good at popping bloons, to boot!Ill clear out the Sun Gods radius of any towers I want to keep, and then start building the ones I need to get my Temple.Get some 0/2 or 2/2 bomb towers.Do not do this on mobile - bloon traps are more useful in mobile.Note: The game will be very likely to crash and glitches will be more often in the mobile version late-game.Note that youre looking at something on the order of 350,000 to get here 180k for the consumed towers, plus a good 150k or so for the Temple itself.

City data is organized individually, so if you share multiple cities lynda coupon code 2016 on one device through multiple accounts, do note that your IAP will only apply to the city active during purchase).
It clocks in at 100,000 for just this upgrade alone, and thats not the half.
The, sabotage Supply Line ability of the x/4 ninja is very effective against DDTs and moab class bloons in generally by slowing them down to half speed at a low cost.
For lakes, place the Super Monkey early and use 2-4 Monkey Subs to deal with zomgs.The upside to this is that each tower the Temple eats increases its power, up to a point.Make more and more bombs, and get them to 2/3.Keep upgrading these towers.For rivers, use Banana Farms for income.Sell all the ninjas and apprentices and get a 2/3 village supporting the ice tower.Thus, youve got to be careful with what you sacrifice.Get ninja to 4/2 if you have the upgrade.What you get next to add to your defense is up to you.