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Chocolate milk drinking contest

chocolate milk drinking contest

Bartender looks at him oddly Mario: In a dirty glass!
Rather clever, in that by using a made-up name they allowed the reader to draw their own conclusions about the nature of the drink while avoiding having to explicitly mention alcoholic beverages.
Kuchysk kout, pln vybavená kuchyská linka, kombinovan sporák, kachlová kamna, lednice s mraznikou, mikrovlnná trouba, varná konvice. .
Either Konami is being more lax in their demands for censorship (they did let a monster called Ill Blud get through, after all or "Intoxicated" just isn't a strong enough euphemism for "drunken" for them to change.
And then a carton of "Juicy Juice".Also, the milkshakes are made in cocktail shakers, which are usually used to make mixed drinks in bars.She has a Sweet Tooth though.Giovanni is seen drinking whiskey on the rocks in early scenes.Cabin Pressure : First Officer Douglas Richardson takes advantage of this trope in-universe; wanting to keep up his image as a "hard-boozing sky god he pretends to drink copiously when in reality he's stone-sober, and has been for years.This is odd, because Naruto generally has a fairly liberal translation extreme violence, poisonings, sexual content, and adult drinking have all been left in at various points.In cobra kai sweep the leg gif British English, "cider" exclusively refers to the alcoholic kind, so the trope's averted."The bubbles go straight to his head." Another Digimon Adventure episode featured Wizardmon bribing Demidevimon with Sake changed to "a bottle cheap throw pillow covers of green chili sauce".Pilots would willingly risk their lives on dangerous missions when offered the reward of a crate of lemonade.

This has cropped up elsewhere.
Fantasia uses Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony as backing to a weird pastiche of Classical Mythology, including grape harvest and winemaking.
(It should be noted carbonated milk does exist in real life, so they might be drinking that.) Averted in the Defenders of the Earth episode "100 Proof Highway which not only shows characters in a drunken state but explicitly attributes this to the effects.
A Dutch translation had some people toast with lemonade.Mystery Incorporated :.Did I mention she really loves alcohol?Sonic X : The 4Kids dub had a scene with a group of journalists being offered some salami at a political party to keep them there until Sonic shows.Biologically, this Link is over 100 years old.Turned wine into "grape juice" too.