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Cheapest cell phone plans montreal

cheapest cell phone plans montreal

See my other post with links.
Calling rates are 20 cents per minute (both outgoing and incoming and both outgoing and incoming text messages are 5 cents per minute.
Its a good as a monthly plan.
Its almost like a gas war.The information is scattered.Yes there are many others but they are owned by the big three.Think for a moment about this.I didnt see this information on the website when checking plans.7-Eleven is cheaper, more straightforward, and the airtime doesnt expire so fast (all denominations expire after 365 days).What Im discovering is that the less you top up on your phone, the less time you are given to use your minutes.

Ill fright fest discount tickets safeway miss the ability to check my airtime online, but heck, the Rogers site was always down, so Ill learn to dial *777 to check airtime!
Its even more exciting that there are many low-cost cell phone plans with unlimited calling in Nova Scotia.
Most, if not all prepaid plans and pay as you go plans have some sort of option for automatic top ups.I can say that their per minute charge.35 cents in comparison to PC Mobile.20 cents.April 5th, 2007 update : Ive started an unofficial 7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless FAQ.Probably the first thing you should consider is whether to choose a prepaid or a postpaid cell phone plan.Canadian prepaid / pay as you go cell phone service providers.) where 100 landed me the equivalent in airtime, and a Nokia 1112 phone with 10 bonus airtime already included.To anyone looking at PC Mobile, just be forewarned that their website and support appears to be on a completely different page than these new Superstore in-store mobile shops.Heres an infographic that highlights some of the differences, followed by the details of the plans that were offered (before tax) starting with the most expensive: rogers, best plan base rate: 60 / month 1,000 local daytime minutes, unlimited local evenings and weekends starting.