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Book voucher uml

book voucher uml

Use cases are mainly used in requirement document to depict clarity regarding a system.
Scenario represents an accountant entering accounts data in the system.
Once all the vouchers are added he clicks submit voucher which finally adds the group of how much to sell 50 50 raffle tickets for vouchers to the database.All phone types have phone number as a generalized property but depending upon landline or mobile you can have wired or simcard connectivity as specialized property.You can see the figure below for more details.If you look at the below figure the customer class is basically associated with the address class and also observes the notations 0 student discount for apple iphone 6 and 1).If you look at the right hand side the (1.Figure: Message iteration Message constraint If we want to represent constraints it is put in a rectangle bracket as shown in figure message constraint.In many instance you will see some of the classes have same properties and operation these classes are called super class and later you can inherit from super class and make sub classes which have their own custom properties.Pre-condition, nA, assumption No password is currently present for the system Rooms will remain constant as explained in the assumption section of this document Failed End conditions Duplicate user name is not allowed in the chat application.In the below figure message constraint the customer object can call book tickets only if the age of the customer is greater than.For instance in the below figure shows Reflexive Association in the real project.Below figure Voucher data entry screen shows pictorially how the screen looks like.Lets try to understand according to the numbering: Class name: This is the first section or top most section of the Class which represents the name of the Class (clsCustomer).

All these information are non-persistent.
Note : Object diagrams should only be drawn to represent complicated relationship between objects.
Step 2:- In this step the accountant starts filling the voucher information.In this sequence diagram we have four objects 'Customer Product Stock' and 'Payment'.Classes come to live only when objects are created from them.Extend: This relationship signifies that the extending use case will work exactly like the base use case only that some new steps will inserted in the extended use case.Below figure Use Case shows a simple scenario with Actor and a Use Case.Application then checks whether the user name is unique in the system if not then user is popped up with error message that user already exist.Now towards left hand side we have (0.Note : The filled diamond represents the aggregation and the empty diamond represents the composition.