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Best buy employee discount price check

best buy employee discount price check

What had happened was, my friend used his wife's credit card, and signed HIS name.
He made ME take the fall for child rebate check all the crappy numbers his store had including shrink, and it made him look good for actually terminating people.
Best Buy's Secret "Employee Only" In-Store Website Shows Different Prices Than Public Website.
Have you ever found a deal at Best Buys website only to travel to the store and find that the sale is over?Heres the deal: You walk into a Best Buy to purchase a sale item you saw on their site.As far as how to sweep pick easily for being able to check what certain things cost, you have to check under EGO Tagzone, which means you have to be on their intranet.This was my mistake!Home / Best Buy tried to fire me for usnig my employee discount "improperly" even though my GM said it was okay!(the funny thing is, I still had the ripped up termination form) SO!I was the only tech to sell 140 PC's in one month, and also repair 20 PC's and 10 TV's in one day.

Moral of the story?
What I did was applied to another BBY store 4 miles away, store 156.
He asked me all these criminal questions and accused me of stealing.
Right near the MS Access 97 driven tech entry system.
(which still happens at ALL Best Buys) look at the suit between Sysinternals and BBY) Anyways, I didn't have a clue what was happening since I worked from 6-9 each night.Coming from the East coast, and an avid sales rep for cell phone companies, I knew how to sell.The price on the website shows that the sale is over.So we don't have the options of just scanning a item in store.Did the Best Buy employee show you proof on their website?Since we were number one, and I was now "TOP GUN GM's from around the country were coming to our store to check out WHY we were so good.