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Did they find peace?
The same thing happened to an audio cassette that the characters "recorded" at the end of the second season.
Gourmet Gaming is a blog dedicated for this, Defictionalizing food from various video games, with varying ( but well-presented ) results.
Even further, the lyrics of "Questionnaire" directly address John Lennon's murder, while "Unfinished Words" weaves in the titles of various Beatles 'outfakes.' Summer Lovers.But in Japan only, where its real name is NyAKB48.Chambers' short story collection King in Yellow have been later written by other authors.Real tricorders are being developed again.Fan merch for the Dragaera novels includes copies of the menu at Valabar's, as per the dining scenes in Dzur.The State Alchemist pocket watch from Fullmetal Alchemist.Neo used a Nokia 8110.

See Virtual Celebrity for just how far this has gone.
Speaking of backpacks, Cartoon Network is selling an official cheeseburger backpack like that worn by one.
Pterry mentions an example himself in the Author's Note to Wintersmith : a group of fans who danced the Dark Morris for him in Chicago.
In his and Pierre Delanoë's 1964 song Nathalie, French singer Gilbert Bécaud mentions a Moscow café named "Café Pushkin".Does the Other Side still exist?The " deals discount store in the bronx Feelies " included in Infocom 's Interactive Fiction were often replicas of items found in the games themselves, such as a glow-in-the-dark wishing stone, or a Lucky Palm Tree Swizzle Stick.The over-the-top subject of his parody song " Frank's 2000-Inch TV " was defictionalized in 2009 when the Dallas Cowboys installed a pair of 2150 inch TV s in their new stadium.There are now "Bort" named keychains sold at Universal Studios (and yes, they frequently sell out).This is odd, since the description in The Phantom Menace suggests that "midichlorian" is a collective term for mitochondria and plastids.Back to the Future series.Similarly, a dicynodont (small, squat quadruped that looks like a mix between a mammal and a reptile) was discovered in 2017 that was named Bulbasaurus.Before this comic, there were only two hits on Google for "died in a blogging accident but within hours of the strip going live, there were several tens of thousands.Lost has had a few examples.